Can I Get Cheap Energy If I Pay When I Receive My Bill?


If you're wondering whether you can get cheap energy supplies if you're looking to pay when you receive your bill via payment methods such as quarterly variable direct debit or by cash or giro slip the answer is yes and no.

The reason is because although you may be able to find cheap gas and electricity available for customers paying quarterly, there may also be some cheaper tariffs that are available for others that are willing to pay by monthly direct debit.

In order to find out which cheap tariffs are available for those looking to pay quarterly it is highly suggested that you compare energy prices online. Comparing energy prices online to find out which energy firm has the cheapest tariffs for customers looking to pay quarterly will take a few minutes to complete.

Cheapest Gas And Electricity In Leeds

Your comparison will involve answering a few questions, your answers will be used to help you find out which supplier has the cheapest quarterly payment tariff for your region. Once you’ve found out which supplier has the cheapest quarterly payment energy tariff you can also switch online.

The switching process is easy and straight forward. Once you switch your new supplier will get in contact you shortly afterwards to provide you with the dates of when to expect your switch to be completed and you'll also get instructions of when to provide your meter readings.

This is how quick and easy it is to find out which supplier has the cheapest energy tariff for those looking to pay on a quarterly basis.

I trust that this has answered your question on whether or not it is possible to get cheap energy prices if you pay when you receive your bill?.


Compare energy prices online today and find a cheap quarterly tariff and switch.

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